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UnderWired Productions present "The Lost Toys' Big Christmas Adventure!" at The Royal Hippodrome, Eastbourne and

The White Rock Studio Theatre, Hastings

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The Lost Toys' Big Christmas Adventure!

“The Lost Toys’ Big Christmas Adventure!” is a brand-new, multi-sensory musical about three toys who have been created in Father Christmas’s North Pole Factory.


A doll, an Emotibot (a robot with a button to change his emotions) and a superhero fall out of Father Christmas’s sleigh and land in Eastbourne.


We follow their journey to reach their children before they wake on Christmas morning, stopping at familiar landmarks on the way.


Will they get to their children in time or will a chance encounter with Wicked Wanda (a very naughty doll) stop them?

Written by Kali Peacock, with live music and original songs by Tony award-winning composer, Sarah Travis, this new musical is guaranteed to bring happiness, joy and laughter to both children and adults alike.


Come along to the North Pole Factory

for a large slice of festive fun - the must-have ticket this Christmas!

The Royal Hippodrome, Eastbourne on December 17 and 18.

The White Rock Studio Theatre, Hastings from December 13.

Running time: 2 hours including interval

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