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Thank you to everyone who came to see Rainbow Rae and to those who supported us ... 


Rainbow Rae and the

Colour Stone Rescue


Wizard Whack and his evil sidekick Blight have stolen the 7 magic stones that create all the colour in the world. If the stones aren't recovered soon, every single colour there is will disappear, leaving nothing but black and white! 


Rae, a young brave heart, has volunteered to find the stones and bring them back. But it’s too big a job for one person alone!


So, will you join Rae’s team? Will you travel to each of the 7 stunning Rainbow Realms - through the Bright Yellow Desert, the Deep Blue Sea, the Dark Green Jungle and beyond? Will you help find the cunning clues and solve the fiendish puzzles required to defeat Wizard Whack and bring the Colour Stones back home?

If so, then don't delay. Buy your tickets today!

If not, then the next time you see this poster, it will probably be in black and white….


Book and lyrics by Kali Peacock with music by award-winning composer Sarah Travis - the team that brought you 'The Right Royal Rumpus!' and 'The Lost Toys' Big Christmas Adventure!'.


There are many concessions for this production so please ask the Box Office for more details. 


Tuesday 8th August - Friday 11th August 2023

11.00am and 2.30pm

The Izzard Theatre

01424 214545

Monday 14th August - Saturday 19th August 2023

11.00am and 2.30pm

Hailsham Pavilion

01323 841414


Tuesday 22nd August - Sunday 27th August 2023

11.00am and 2.30pm

Eastbourne Theatres

01323 412000

We are hugely grateful to our incredible sponsors:

The National Lottery Community Fund, The Foyle Foundation, The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation, The Sussex Community Foundation, Arts Council England and East Sussex Arts Partnership.

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