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The Lost Toys’ Big Christmas Adventure!








Show Feedback!


"My class of infant-aged pupils with profound and multiple learning disabilities remained engaged throughout the show.  The music, props and pace of the show were great for capturing their attention and the multi-sensory dimension was brilliant.  The closeness of the audience to the performers was fantastic and it enabled pupils to feel fully involved".  Frances Hall – Teacher at Glyne Gap Special Needs School, Bexhill.


“We came to your 2pm performance today. My two children were in the wheelchairs. I would like to say thank you so much for putting on a multi-sensory show which my two enjoyed! Ellie loved the music and was dancing at any opportunity! Mathew enjoyed poo song lol. It was lovely to come somewhere you felt welcome. I hope you will do some more shows like this as it much appreciated for children like mine!”


“Many of our children had never seen a live performance before. We watched the play but were also watching our children and their reactions. They loved being covered in silly string and for us, it was like watching them on Goggle Box. They laughed, they cried, they yelled, they had a fantastic time. Thanks for a great show. We will definitely come again.” Christina Ellwood – Teacher at Oakwood Primary School, Eastbourne.


“What an absolutely amazing show.
The story was magical and interactive.  
The cast was phenomenal. It was nonstop laughing and singing throughout the whole show. Suitable for all ages especially for children with special needs. There were toys for the children to play with who have sensory processing needs and they could relax in the calming atmosphere . A
massive thank you - we had a brilliant time.”

“Thanks for yesterday it was brilliant! The children loved it! Is it ok if I write to the paper about the show and the children’s amazement?” Emily Vanstone – Teacher at St Thomas a Beckett school, Eastbourne.


“Thank you for a wonderful evening of entertainment and thought-provoking songs. I would love to bottle even a fraction of the energy, humour, wit and creativity, not to mention record some of the songs. The live music was wonderful and the use of each cast member's wide-ranging skills ingenious.” 


“Hi! Your play 2 days ago was brilliant!” Seth, age 8.


“What an original and refreshing take on a Christmas Show. Four fabulous main characters. Rounded, well written, tightly directed and superbly performed. Each one distinct and very, very funny!”


“What a brilliant show and for all ages. Engaging and brilliant characters. If you are not smiling when you go in, you certainly will be when you leave. No excuse - If you do not have children or grandchildren to take, then just go. I will say it again: brilliant.”


“What a show!! Definitely a “Must See”! My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much! So inclusive, accessible and expertly written and performed! We loved EVERY MINUTE!! Perfect whole family experience, now we’re feeling festive!!”


Very family friendly in a relaxed environment. The story was just lovely, such a great idea and so well acted out by the cast, the songs were funny and entertaining and overall staging and direction was amazing. Much better value than most performances at this time of year. Highly recommended!

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