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The Right Royal Rumpus!



 "It’s very rare for me to find somewhere to take my profound/complex disabled daughter totally inclusive, but we totally found it thanks to Underwired Productions. The show was fun, bright and cheerful, whilst being totally inclusive and full of cool sensory experiences. And seeing all the actors signing whilst singing was a delight. Thank you for making us feel included and part of something fun that everyone can enjoy 




Just wanted to message to say thank you for providing such a fun, inclusive production. My daughter has profound & complex needs and after a nasty seizure this morning we almost didn’t come. I’m so glad we did, we snuggled up together and had the best afternoon. The signing in the song near the end has me close to tears. There is so little that is accessible to our family, so thank you xx

Josh Babarinde OBE

Mightily inspiring to go and see local legend Kali Peacock’s much-anticipated family musical, ‘The Right Royal Rumpus! Tingling all the senses, with catchy songs, hilarious jokes, and ~20 characters played by 5 cast members (including Kali herself!) this isn’t any old performance. This is a musical with inclusivity at its heart, devised by Kali’s organisation UnderWired Productions, which places children with disabilities at the centre of its shows. If I say any more, I’ll end up giving all of the surprises and plot spoilers away, so instead I’ll say: you must go and watch it! The Right Royal Rumpus is on until 20th August in Eastbourne’s theatre district, where performances run up to twice a day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). A perfect summer holiday treat for the family! I first met fabulous founder Kali a couple of months back when I joined pupils and parents at my old school, Stafford, for their jubilee picnic and it was so clear to me then, from Kali’s passion, that this would not be a show to miss. Massive congratulations to Kali and the entire team on-stage, back stage and in between! This has been a huge project in the making since before the pandemic, and it’s so awesome to be see it live and kicking for all our town (and beyond!) to enjoy.

I was so looking forward to seeing this and boy it did not disappoint.

A wonderful production with so many laughs & warmth within it, you’ll come away with a big smile on your face.

If you’ve not seen it yet please do, it really is a cracker of a production that really should be seen.




Fabulous show! You’ve got to experience it for yourself. Lots of surprises! Don’t miss out, book now. Superb for EVERYONE. Accessible for ALL. Just brilliant, don’t miss it! Well done Kali and team 

"We went to this show today and we recommend watching if you get the chance, they were really interactive with the children and the message at the end it spot on . The children even come home with a gift 


Excellent show. Highly recommended!

Loved it!! 


Great day watching the Right Royal Rumpus what a great show.




We have just taken a few children to see this. It was such a good production, The children had such a good time. It was interactive, fun show.

Amazing afternoon at the theatre with our pops and finn. Lovely to see the kids together. If you can get down to see A Right Royal Rumpus at the Congress. A fab multi-sensory show written by a amazingly talented local lady who knows exactly what our kids needs and love as she has a SEND child herself.


Adam who has special needs and I have just seen Royal Rumpus. We attend several shows and this is one of the best we have seen. Everyone was brilliant with great audience participation. Princess Lily made Adams day when she spoke to him several times. Please thank everyone for a great show. Looking forward to the next one. Also thank you for Adams present he chose a kite. He said he's going to fly high with it with Princess Lily. Keep up your fantastic work.

Goldmans Management:

 "If you are in Eastbourne this week check this out"



Such a great show, well done! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! You have done amazingly. X

It's a wonderful show - don't miss it!!!


Come and see our friends amazing show, A right royal rumpus! It's brilliant!

Perfect for children! We are going again tomorrow


If you have children you must go and see the right royal rumpus!!! Absolutely amazing.

My boys loved it! 

Went to see this today, and oh my goodness one of the best things we have seen in a long time. Kids (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed this. Great length, wonderful acting, super singing, amazing amount of interaction and so much more. You made our day! Especially my little girls 5th birthday, a day to remember, thank you so much! If you are thinking about going, do it you will not be disappointed!!!

The show was great! Funny and sweet. Loved how inclusive it was for everyone. Will defo go see anything they do in the future.


I'm sending you this email to say what a wonderful time our residents had yesterday at the theatre. They really enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for allowing us to obtain the free tickets for both the residents and carers.

They were even given a little present at the end.

A lovely time was had by all.


Brilliantly Written by Kali Peacock with perfect music by Sarah Travis. 


I just wanted to say what a fabulous time Jasper had on Friday, he loved it all and the actors were all so kind to him.  Thank you once again.

Hello we recently saw your show with our service users and it was brilliant they loved it! But all they keep doing is singing your songs would it be possible for us to get a CD full of the songs please so we can play this at the day centre for them Thankyou.


Me and my 4 year old son came to see the first showing of right royal rumpus and honestly I couldn't recommend it enough. My son has autism and sensory processing disorder so this kind of thing is usually very overwhelming for him and unfortunately we have to avoid altogether, but due to the relaxed feel and inclusivity of the show this was not the case .After a tough 15 minutes of "settling in" process he enjoyed every minute especially the song at the end when signing was used , him being a Makaton user himself he was thrilled to see this and his little face lit up and one of the cast members noticed this and was smiling and signing to him which was a beautiful moment. Overall we couldn't have possibly enjoyed it anymore and look forward to seeing any shows that Kali does in the future.


It was very well done, loved the finale song: Be Kind, such wonderful words.

Yes, it is very good, we took 4 grandchildren last week and they loved it.

Thank you so much for the tickets to Right Royal Rumpus! It was really amazing, and we all enjoyed it, also it was lovely to have such a nice family occasion for the cousins.



The way they involved the children is so nice, and all the pressies and sweets- a lovely time. The cast is very talented.


If you haven’t been already, I am sure that you will enjoy seeing A Right Royal Rumpus at the theatre complex in town. We went today, and it really is a great show, very inclusive, great story and songs, with a very talented cast.

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