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Rainbow Rae and the Colour Stone Rescue!!!


Fantastic show! We really enjoyed it yesterday! Thank you so much to the incredible cast and the musicians!

Absolutely fantastic today!


We just saw this in Hailsham and we loved it!






This is a fabulous show for children and adults Rainbow Rae and the colour stone rescue. Brilliant new writing from Kali Peacock it is a delight and your kids and grandchildren will love it.


We went to see this yesterday and it was absolutely phenomenal. So inclusive, and an absolute delight. Thank you so much for what you have done!!







I would urge anyone who hasn’t yet seen this to go.

If you have kids, they will absolutely love it but don’t think you have to have kids to go, I took my 79-year-old mum this afternoon and we laughed, clapped, sang and came out with a feeling of warmth, kindness & gratitude.

Thank you for such an inspirational production.





Fantastic show! Truly talented crew to take on so many roles. Loved how interactive it was too. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of going


Only a few days left to see this epic show!

Highly recommend! Brilliant interactive show for all the family




We watched Rainbow Rae and the colour stone rescue today and the whole family absolutely loved it. What a nice story and great music, interactive and I kind of felt like hugging the cast at the end because they all were utterly lovely and super talented. We went with a 2 year old and a 4 year old who watch the whole thing with their mouth hanging open thank you for a lovely afternoon!

This unique performance deserves country wide reconnection not only in Sussex which is still nevertheless very dear to my heart. Let us all spread the message! I will start the ball rolling by visiting the Theatre Royal here in York, where I’m a city guide, and the beautiful city where Kali Peacock started her acting career! This utterly amazing actress deserves all the support we can give her!!











Kali's shows are always inclusive and are great fun, with very reasonable prices and so many concessions to boot! What a gal, so proud of you!

Couldn’t find anywhere to leave a review! Just wanted to say that we took our granddaughter to the show at Hailsham Pavilion yesterday and we all loved it. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Huge congrats to everyone involved in the production. We love what you’re doing.


UnderWired Productions have done it again!! What a fantastic show. Thoroughly entertaining throughout, loved how immersive it is for the children, brilliant music and script, and the actors are amazing!! Very impressed with Timothy and Samantha for their range of characters executed so well in each varied role and not forgetting quick costume changes!!




My daughter was intrigued to see familiar cbbc face Luke in the role of a baddie! And Blight was a favourite character in our house, the jokes have already been repeated. Couldn’t recommend it enough for primary aged children and for grandparents - ours couldn’t stop laughing. Thank you again, looking forward to seeing what production will be next…!




The show was absolutely brilliant - fabulous songs, lovely plot, flawless performances - and so brilliant at getting the audience involved and participating.

Fantastic show! Truly talented crew to take on so many roles. Loved how interactive it was too. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of going 


Well, what can I say about Rainbow Rae, what a fantastic show. Incredibly well thought out, funny, and not only inclusive for kids but adults too, we thoroughly enjoyed it and I don't know why I haven't been to more relaxed performances!

It's a long one.... Last year's production The Right Royal Rumpus left us wildly entertained, inspired and begrudgingly patient for more. It was one of the best theatrical experiences we have ever had which had a profound and lasting impact on our girls, aged 6 and 4 at the time, who still to this day when asked " what is the secret to happiness?" will shout out "KINDNESS" with beaming smiles. Today we were lucky enough to see Rainbow Rae and the colour stone rescue, with high expectations. It was AMAZING, thank you to all the wonderful team who have evidently worked so hard to bring together another not to be missed show. I wish it was on for longer so we can come back again! These productions aren't simply a great show but are so fun and immersive, the songs are a delight, the story's full of wit and wonder, laugh out loud and genuine feel-good moments interwoven with messages we all need to hear. After our girls settled down from the delight of being given a gift at the end, we shared our thoughts. Now aged 7, 5 (and with a 9-month-old sister) they commented on how good it was, what their favourite realms were, treating the world with kindness and embracing our differences. And to top it all off this show is entirely accessible, which although we are lucky enough ourselves to be without disability, is priceless. I have worked in the care sector for most of my working life and we need more of these wonderful experiences in society for all to be able to enjoy together. We cannot wait and hope dearly for another production, I would love for them to run for longer and for school trips to be able to be arranged. Thank you dearly for these gems and highlights of our summer.




We went to the show today in Eastbourne and we enjoyed it more than any other show we’ve ever seen! It was such a good storyline, great professional acting, funny, and interactive. My boys (4&8) loved every minute of it! I will be recommending to everyone I know for your next show. Well done 




Wow! Thank you so much for giving me and my kids something we could actually ALL share together and ALL enjoy. It’s so rare.

Your actors are fantastic! I wanted to get on the stage with them. They are so funny and just brilliant performers all round.

I will be highly recommending to all the special needs families I know. Please keep me posted for any further shows. We will definitely be coming along.

Thanks so much again.


Your show was wonderful, it was so fun for little ones as for big ones! You take everyone in consideration, and we can see how you care and love the family /friendly feel of your show. Always a great pleasure we want more!!







I had wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the tickets. I have never seen Eddie so engaged with a show! He absolutely loved the singing and the signing. We had to leave at the interval because he was tired but he lasted the whole first half without losing focus which is unheard of for him! 



We took our 10-year-old Goddaughter, who lives with autism to see Rainbow Rae in Eastbourne. I must readily admit that I was resigned to a riotous and slightly boring afternoon. How wrong can one person be! I found the production to be of the highest quality, the acting and singing very professional and the story absolutely enchanting. The children were engaged in an entertaining and safe way.




Photos by Michael Gwatkin and Tom Gater.

I just want to pass on my utter gratitude for what you have done. The show was *fantastic* on so many levels. It was obvious how much hard work had gone into it, and obvious how much each and every one of the cast loved what they were doing. To find an event like this that both my son and I can enjoy is rare. It was sensory, without being too much. Fun without being over the top. Bright and colourful without being overwhelming. Wizard Wack was 'a bad guy' without being scary. Interactive without being demanding. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed it myself! The rainbow flags given to the children were such a hit that we've been making them at home. We both enjoyed the show so much that we actually went to see it a second time, and took a friend's children with us! Thank you for a magical experience and I will be waiting eagerly for any future performances!

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