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Rainbow Rae and the Colour Stone Rescue 

Wizard Whack and his evil sidekick Blight have stolen the 7 magic stones that create all the colour in the world. If the stones aren't recovered soon, every single colour there is will disappear, leaving nothing but black and white! 


Rae, a young brave heart, has volunteered to find the stones and bring them back. But it’s too big a job for one person alone!


So, will you join Rae’s team? Will you travel to each of the 7 stunning Rainbow Realms - through the Bright Yellow Desert, the Deep Blue Sea, the Dark Green Jungle and beyond? Will you help find the cunning clues and solve the fiendish puzzles required to defeat Wizard Whack and bring the Colour Stones back home?


The Right Royal Rumpus

a magical, inclusive, family musical!

The Prince has been captured by two very nasty fairies who won’t let him go until Princesses Rose and Lilly bring them the Secret of Happiness. There’s only one small problem… the Secret of Happiness is locked safely inside the Tree of Knowledge, which is guarded by the Grumblesnitch!

The Lost Toys' Big Christmas Adventure! Hastings.jpg

The Lost Toys' Big Christmas Adventure 

Our glorious multi-sensory musical following the adventures of three toys who fall out of Santa's sleigh, was staged in 2018 & 2019 at The Towner Gallery, The Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne and The White Rock Theatre, Hastings.


Written by Kali Peacock, with live music and original songs by Tony award-winning composer, Sarah Travis, this new musical was created to bring happiness, joy and laughter to both children and adults alike.

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